Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Best Football Lesson!

Yesss!!! Today was our football lesson with our instructor Ben. He taught us how to do juggling with the ball. We picked our partners and we started juggling.Juggling with the ball is not like juggling at a circus.You have to try and kick the ball up and down at the about the end of your toes.You had to try and do that for as long as possible, but I couldn't since i’m a netball player. We did a little warm up of octopus. We played 2 games of octopus and then we went onto a real game football. The teams were the same, Outlaws and Bulldogs. We went into position and started playing. It was the best game ever. At the end of the game the game was a tie. We got talked about what we were going to do next week and we left in a nice straight line. That was the bestest football game ever, and I can’t wait till next week!!!!!

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