Wednesday, 17 December 2014

~ netbook reflection

2014 Learning Reflection

This year I did my learning in a netbook classroom using Google Drive.

Having a netbook made it easier to practice our math skills, memorise keyboard shortcuts, learn about weather, disasters, health, survival in the wild, the ocean and so much more.
It was also cool when we got to present our information made in a google drawing, presentation, website or movie. But, the best part is, we get to share our work on our own, individual blogs for everyone in the world to see.

It’s cool because people from across the world can post comments on our posts and we can reply back to those comments, making a conversation.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

~ haiku poem

WALT: identifying syllables
SC: write a haiku poem about softball

Today, we were learning how to find out the formula of a haiku poem.

Softball ain’t my thing,
so all i do is stand there,
i don’t like softball.

MUSIC is my thing,
it relaxes me calmly,
it makes life better,

Monday, 24 November 2014

~ choosing muesli bars

Today I was finishing off my Choosing Muesli Bars. I tasted and investigated different flavors. I also learnt how to read food labels, properly. It was funny, delicious and disgusting at the same time. I really wanted to taste it again, but there wasn't enough for everyone. So, I wanted to be kind and NOT eat it.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

~ jelly bean experiment

Today I was experiencing the difference between eating and tasting jelly beans with you nose blocked and unblocked.

Question: Do our taste buds require smell?

Hypothesis: I think that when I pop the jelly bean in my mouth and I’ve blocked my nose, at first all I’ll taste is the sugar, and when I unblock my nose, I’ll be able to recognise the flavour, easily.

  • Your hand / Blindfold
  • Your nose
  • Your mouth
  • Packet of jelly beans

  1. Close your eyes or put on a blindfold
  2. Block your nose
  3. Put a jelly bean in your mouth
  4. Record the jelly bean you taste
  5. Unblock your nose
  6. Taste again
  7. Then record the flavour you taste

Observations: When I put the jelly bean in my mouth with my nose blocked, all I could taste was the sugar, which was delicious. I had a guess of what the flavour was, floating around in my head. But, when I unblocked my nose, I could taste the flavour immediately which was lime.

Conclusion: My hypothesis was actually correct. I think that my guess was close to what I experienced when I was tasting the jelly bean because what happened when I was experiencing the jelly bean, is what I guessed was going to happen.

Friday, 31 October 2014

~ sleep explanation

Today, I was writing and finishing off an explanation about sleeping. What was that? You want to know what I wrote for my explanation? Well, please help yourself to the number of paragraphs down on the bottom.

I wonder why having 8 hours of sleep is important? Sleep is the relaxation for our body, mind and soul. Even babies get 10-14 hours of sleep. Sleeping is when your body grows and gains more power. When you sleep, you’re not thinking about anything but, the organs and cells in your body are still working. They are working so that you can be stronger for the next day. Or in other words, they are regenerating. In my explanation, I will be writing about what sleep feels like, how growth is a part of it and also about regenerating.

When night comes, we are always like “YAY! SLEEP TIME!”. When we sleep, we don’t even know what we’re doing. You feel dead on the outside but on the inside, everything else is working. Your kidneys, your brain, your heart's still beating, pumping blood all over your body. Sleep is more important than you think. Do you ever get that feeling where you didn’t get enough sleep? You feel all groggy, moody and at the same time, you’re not at your best and you’re not yourself. Well, that’s because you didn’t get any relaxation. Your brain is like .... well, I’d say drunk. It’s not functioning properly because, well, you didn’t get enough sleep! Sleeping on your bed, it actually feels like you’re on vacation. Right?

Growth. What is growth? Is growth a disease? Is it something to fill you stomach with? No. Growth is the process of increasing your size and sleep helps you with that. Do you ever feel like you’re not tall enough to get something of the shelf? Well then, sleep is there to help you. Not only do you grow but, you get stronger every single day!

The regenerating part is the most important part. Your body has to repair because if it doesn’t, then you won’t be able to work faster the next day. Your internal organs are doing more work for you than you think. Younger children need at least 10-11 hours of sleep. Older children, such as 12 and over, need only 8 hours of sleep. The reason why younger children need more sleep than older children is because, young children use up more of their energy than they’re supposed to. Younger children need more regenerating so that they can have enough energy everyday.

So in conclusion, sleep is very important in life. It actually does feel like a Hawaii vacation when you’re sleeping. To become taller and more stronger, you need to sleep for 8hrs every night, let yourself grow and let your body regenerate, so you can wake up feeling fresher as ever.

Monday, 20 October 2014

~ eating healthier

Today for reading, I was learning about eating food that are healthier than what I usually eat. I was told to share my learning with you so that everyone can see all the useful stuff we are learning about. I learnt to have a little bit of chocolate in what I eat. Usually, I eat a lot of junk. But after doing all of this work, I really want to change the food I eat. Maybe, you could become healthier too. LIKE ME ! 

  1. How does the article recommend to follow a healthy pathway when shopping at a grocery store/supermarket?  SHARE
    1. Parents could make a list to keep themselves on track with healthy food.  It also says that if we shop at a grocery store, we should focus our shopping on the store’s perimeter. The outer aisles have the healthiest food stored in it.
  2. We can buy plenty of fruit and vegetables that are frozen or canned. What does the article suggest are the pros (positives) and cons (negatives) of frozen and canned food? SHARE
    1. The positives of frozen or canned fruit and veggies are that they are convenient. They put the right amount of salt and fat in the frozen, canned fruit and vegetables for us to eat but, not to addict to. The negatives of frozen or canned fruit and veggies are that they put over the amount of salt and fat in the cans. Most of the customers that are buying those canned fruit and veggies, don’t even realise that they have added more salt and fat in the cans. Sometimes, we just buy the cans without checking what’s really in it and we could probably be addicted to whatever is in the can of fruit or veggies.
  3. What other helpful healthy advice does this article give for our grocery shopping? SHARE
    1. It gives advice about having a little bit of fat or chocolate in other things we buy. It also says that parents shouldn't talk too much about bad food and they also shouldn't be afraid to let their kids choose one thing that is; ‘unhealthy’, at the grocery store.
Below is a chart to complete. Get your parents grocery list and enter the items into this recommended healthy heart guide adapted from  SHARE

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Fruit and Vegetable Diagram

This is Hannah's Fruit and Vegetable diagram which relates to the reading activities in her previous post.