Wednesday, 17 December 2014

~ netbook reflection

2014 Learning Reflection

This year I did my learning in a netbook classroom using Google Drive.

Having a netbook made it easier to practice our math skills, memorise keyboard shortcuts, learn about weather, disasters, health, survival in the wild, the ocean and so much more.
It was also cool when we got to present our information made in a google drawing, presentation, website or movie. But, the best part is, we get to share our work on our own, individual blogs for everyone in the world to see.

It’s cool because people from across the world can post comments on our posts and we can reply back to those comments, making a conversation.

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  1. Hi Hannah
    I enjoyed reading your reflection and I noticed you have been blogging for four years now. What a wonderful record of your learning you have here.

    Mrs Burt


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