Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Netbook Reflection 2O13

The special thing I have learnt from my teacher this year was maths. I learnt a lot of new things from her.

The significant thing I have learnt all by myself was Maths Whizz. It was challenging but also fun.

What I have learnt from my friend was to always take the right path and to never give up. TRY YOUR BEST!

I have also been learning from some people outside of the classroom. They told me not to copy the bad things some of my frineds do, "Just be yourself" they told me.

I have helped other kids by becoming a Peer Mediator, When I became a P.M, I helped people out when they are in fights.

I have grown my key competencies by becoming a school leader and also becoming a school councillor.


Having a netbook connected to the internet helped me access my learning on our school/class blog sites writing templates, sunshine online, maths whizz, study ladder, and other learning topics. The internet has been really useful and helpful to me. I prefer working on my netbook instead of pencil and paper. Using my netbook has helped me learn, create, and share my work. I'm also able to think, manage myself by learning anywhere, anytime, any place.

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