Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Our Amazing Last Football Lesson!!!

Hooray! Today was our last football lesson with our instructor, Ben. We were so happy that we had another football lesson today!. At the start it was raining and everyone thought we had football in the hall so we dragged our legs down to the hall and then we saw Ben in the court so we dragged out legs the opposite way from the hall. At the court everyone was pumped up ready to go. We started off with a warm up of octopus like always. We had two enjoying games of it. Everyone was running as fast as the wind. After those two games we were out into six teams. We never learnt any skills we just had a little tournament like before. “Get yourselves on the yellow line!” shouts Ben. As he started counting “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6” everyone was excited. The tournament started and we used the whole court. This team verses this team and this team verses that team and so on.

The whistle blew and everyone started kicking, running. We could even hear people say “MARK THE GOAL, MARK THE GOAL!!!”, they were as loud as headless monkeys. Our team won a couple of games, but the third game we played, we didn’t win because there were some really good players in that team, even our teacher was in that team and he won a goal. The last game was a game of revenge. I tried marking our goal and tried getting a goal. Everyone was screaming, yelling, and shouting. Then the whistle blew and the tournament was over.

At the end everyone was all puffing because of all that writing. One of our friends said thank you to our instructor Ben for teaching us some gangster skills. Then we left with in a good manner. Everyone was pumped and ready to do a lot of work because of the mini tournament.

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