Monday, 6 August 2012

Me, Myself, And I

My name is Hannah and I am 10 yrs old. I am a full Samoan and my parents and older brother are too. My little sister and my two younger brothers were all born in New Zealand but  I was born in Samoa. In my family my dad was born in Savaii,Samoa. My mum was born in Upolu, Samoa. I was born in Moto’otua Hospital Apia, Samoa. When I was 3 yrs old I moved to New Zealand with my parents. My brother didn’t come with us because my grandpa refused to let him come as he would take care of him. I felt like I was going to leave my brother forever so I broke into tears.  
I  am very interested in a band called One Direction. In the future I would like to become a famous singer and even become a music teacher so I can teach students art and music.
I have always wanted to work in a vet’s so I can save animals when they are sick because
I really love animals and animals are like a family to me.
My learning goals  are moving up two levels in my Reading, Maths, and Spelling. Singing, playing piano, spelling and sports are my hobbies. I am also very interested in Christmas songs, and playing the piano.
When I leave High School I want to find a good job to help my family and save some money for my future. I am very good at spelling and writing but I would like to improve even more
in them. In Maths, I would like to have more power and strength like  I do in my Writing and Spelling.
At home I always watch channel 75 on my sky TV. There’s a show called Orangutan Island that’s my favourite show. I watch that show so I can learn more about working with
a vet and know how to get better at it.  


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